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The finalists have been chosen.  Choose your favorite adventure.

Vote for your favorite, July 14 through July 18.


It was tough, but we've narrowed the finalists down to our top thirteen.  Why thirteen?  Well, because there was just too much awesome for ten...

Check 'em out below.  Read them (just click on a title- the adventure will open in a new window) and vote for the one which inspires you the most!

You'll need to give us your email address so we know who you are, and you can vote once a day through the voting period.

Make sure to spread the word about your favorite and get your friends to vote as well!  We'll feature the winner on the front page of our site, and the winning contributor will score a high flying balloon adventure.  (Don't worry, all the finalists will walk away with some cool swag...)

What are you waiting for?  Vote early.  Vote often.