Ghost Towns

Part of Nevada’s indelible charm and appeal is its rich heritage. And while time travel eludes us still, there is a way to step back into the Silver State’s astonishing past. Dotting the vast landscape of Nevada are countless ghost towns, and while some are marked only by indecipherable ruins and tumbleweeds, others are surprisingly intact. Either way, these remarkable places are portals into a Nevada of old and certainly worth a wander.

Nevada Adventures

Glorified Ghost Towns

A group of off-roaders find treasures in some of southwestern Nevadaís most inconspicuous places.

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Mizpah Hotel Recalls Nevada's Mining Past

Midway between Reno and Las Vegas, in the town of Tonopah, a Vestige of the Old West is Getting a New Life

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Gabbs, NV

While most ghost towns in the West are left to the wear and tear of weather and time, Berlin is preserved by the State of Nevada

Gold Point, NV

A mining town that had its beginning in 1868, Gold Point thrived until the 1960s, when an accident shuttered the industry. Today, less than 30 residents welcome visitors to tour the town.

Beatty, NV

Of the many ghost towns in Nevada, Rhyolite by far lives up to the name. A classic boom-and-bust town, part of the once-famous Bullfrog mining district, abandoned Rhyolite was the setting for western movies in the 1920s, and films and commercials are still shot here.

Shot of the Las Vegas Strip, Annie Bananie Tours
Las Vegas, NV

It's more than just a tour, it's an experience!

Moapa Valley, NV

You need to use your imagination when you visit St. Thomas, the now vanished farming and railroad town built at the confluence of the Muddy and Virgin Rivers in southern Nevada. Mormon settlers founded St. Thomas in 1865, but they returned to Utah in the early 1870s when a state boundary survey placed the town in Nevada. After 1880, several Utah farmers came back to St. Thomas and the town slowly regrew.