Whether you are a casual hiker in search of a leisurely walk or a serious hiker looking for a challenging trek, Nevada's trails offer thousands of miles of the best hikes with amazing surroundings and scenery. Everything from desert to lush meadows, mountains to valleys and rivers to lakes, Nevada has a trail for you.

Nevada Adventures

King of the Crests

Maybe it’s the adventure of discovering what lies over the next ridge, or the solitude of a remote alpine lake at sunset, or the sense of self-reliance that comes with carrying all your earthly needs on your back

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Hiking Boundary Peak

Reaching the highest point in Nevada

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Discover & Do

Valley of Fire with road winding through canyon
Overton, NV

Valley of Fire State Park isn’t just the oldest and largest state park in Nevada, it’s also one of the most impressive, with incredible sandstone formations created when dinosaurs roamed.

Ruby Mountains
Elko, NV

The Ruby Mountains are flush with wildlife, mountain scenery, lakes, streams and valleys.

Lamoille, NV

The Lamoille Canyon Scenic Byway follows a U-shaped, sheerwalled canyon flush with summer wildflowers and spectacular colors in the fall. Campgrounds and picnic areas are available. At the top are restrooms and trails leading to the backcountry. Fishing, biking, and snowmobiling are some of the more popular activities in the area.

Jarbidge, NV

One of the most remote areas in Nevada, the scenic Jarbidge Wilderness is comprised of 113,000 acres and has 100 miles of hiking trails.

Overland lake
Elko, NV

Gorgeous alpine lake at the end of this challenging trail. Top elevation of over 10,000 feet requires at least a three-hour ride each way (14 miles round trip).