With a choice of high-end luxury malls to one-of-a-kind artisan boutiques, Nevada is definitely a shopper’s destination. 

Nevada Adventures

Garnishing Myself in Garnets Galore

Trying Out The Wild World of Garnet Mining Outside Ely, Then Having Reno's Michael and Son's Take Over To Create Some Truly Stunning Jewelry

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A Different Kind of Gamble in Vegas

Pick Up Some Vintage Goodies Or Immerse Yourself In Some History in Vegas' Downtown Arts District and Antique Alley...An Interpretive Way To See Some Real History in Vegas

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Discover & Do

Reno, NV

Swing By Reno's Michael and Son's For A One Stop Shop For Super Cool Native American Finds, Turquoise Galore and Fancy Baubles To Commemorate Your Trek to Nevada

Gardnerville, NV

Purchase Some of the Most Heavenly Soaps Around, While Taking a One-Of-A-Kind Souvenir Home With Sierra Snow Soaps!

Silver Springs, NV

Perfect elevation and ideal temperatures makes for the most ultimate lavender growing, making Campie’s Lavender Patch some of the most heavenly in Nevada.

Las Vegas, NV

A popular favorite among visitors and locals alike is The Attic, an undeniably charming Vegas hotspot.   A most definite worthwhile venture off the Strip when visiting the Las Vegas area!