1500 Old Hot Springs Road
Carson City
Relax and enjoy the historic beauty of Carson Hot Springs Resort! Since 1849 people have been drawn to this natural phenomenon. The Resort offers three outdoor pools (95 - 104 degrees year-round) and 10 private hot baths ranging in temperatures of 95 degrees to 110 degrees. The Resort also offers an outdoor patio with a 400-square-foot covered area and cold-water drench shower. The water naturally flows from the spring at temperatures of 121 degrees, and is cooled to create the variety of temperatures. The water is unique because of it's non-sulfur smell and soft-water feel. The old Clubhouse is now a nightclub and bar, with banquet facilities for groups and weddings. The major attraction at the Resort is and always has been the WATER. Let us take you to a place where relaxation is the order of the day. A place that was built around the idea of comfort and renewal of tense and tired bodies. Come and enjoy water so soft that you can actually feel it. Enjoy the comfort and the history that is Carson Hot Springs Resort!