Hot Springs

Take time out from all of your exciting Nevada adventures to soak in a steamy hot spring. The Silver State has more than 300 naturally occurring hot springs, and while some are not intended for use, there are several hot springs that cater to this unique relaxation experience.

Nevada Adventures

Hooked on Hot Springs

With approximately 300 natural hot springs across the state, Nevada is a great place to indulge in these feelings in an all-natural setting. 

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Though too hot to enter, Double Hot Springs pipes water into a separate pool for visitors to bathe.

Carson City, NV

Relax and enjoy the historic beauty of Carson Hot Springs Resort! Since 1849 people have been drawn to this natural phenomenon.

Unionville, NV

The rather rustic Kyle Hot  Springs has many abandoned buildings on its property.

Austin, NV

Spencer Hot Springs is fairly well-known despite its relatively remote location.

Eureka, NV

Enjoy the comforts of unspoiled mountain wilderness at the ranch and embark on an adventure on one of several tours, including horsepacking and backcountry skiing. The ranch and tours are available by reservation only.