1900 Logan Field Rd.
Tonopah, NV 89049
(775) 482-9676

For a true sense of Nevada’s Western roots, head to the Central Nevada Museum in Tonopah. From the famous to the infamous, the land’s earliest inhabitants to the later pioneers and miners, the history of this area is as rich as its silver veins once were. Visitors to the Central Nevada Museum will enjoy a first-hand look at artifacts, relics and stories from the past, including those of lawmen Wyatt and Virgil Earp, film mogul and industrial tycoon Howard Hughes, United Parcel Service (UPS) founder Jim Casey, prizefighting promoter and visionary behind Madison Square Garden, George “Tex” Richard, and Jim Butler, the first miner to find silver in Tonopah, among many others. The museum also features exhibits and displays relating to the Western Shoshone, who occupied the area centuries ago, the day-to-day life of early miners, ranchers and pioneers, and also the diverse geology and botanical life native to the region. The Central Nevada Museum also boasts an extensive and ever-growing research library as well as an impressive map and photograph collection, which is available to both causal browsers and those seeking something more specific. The experience at the Central Nevada Museum is intended to share the history and culture of this part of Nevada in a manner that is both engaging and relevant. And thanks to the dedication of its small but capable staff and its intriguing collections, the museum is doing a fantastic job.