Nevada's  museums provide a unique and interactive learning experience for kids young and old. Get up close to Christopher, a 1,000-year-old, 14-foot Columbian Mammoth at Nevada State Museum in Las Vegas. Take a ride on the historic McKeen Car No. 22, a self-propelled passenger car at the Nevada State Railroad Museum in Carson City. Explore the many exhibitions at Nevada's only accredited art museum, the Nevada Muesum of Art in Reno, or explore one most unusual sculpture parks in the world at the Goldwell Open Air Museum. Whatever your niche, Nevada can enlighten!

Nevada Adventures

Explore Western Culture, Art, History in Elko

Connect to that Western mystique — and test how much of it is true — when you visit Elko, a northeastern Nevada city known for its cowboy and ranching culture. 

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Pyramid Lake

This sacred Northern Nevada lake stands out like a desert jewel

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Pyramid Lake
Nixon, NV

One of the largest natural lakes in Nevada is also among its most incredible, with a fascinating history to boot. Pyramid Lake stretches 125,000 acres and is the largest remnant of the ancient Lake Lahontan, an enormous inland sea that once covered most of the Silver State. The intriguing desert lake is a component of the National Scenic Byways Program, and the only byway in the country that is entirely within a tribal reservation. V

Las Vegas, NV

Nonprofit organization that displays the Las Vegas classic art form, neon signs.

Lost City Exterior
Moapa Valley, NV

Artifacts tell the stories of the indigenous people who lived in the Muddy River Valley for thousands of years.

Exterior entrance to Nevada State Museum in Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV

The Nevada State Museum , Las Vegas is located at the Springs Preserve.

Ely, NV

If touring the average museum offers visitors a glimpse into the past, a visit to the Nevada Northern Railway Museum is more like a trip through time.