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In true Nevada style, the history and culture of the state is peppered with a little sass and a lot of maverick creativity. Historic towns, a wealth of interactive museums, artists in residence and a host of learning experiences make a cultural trip to Nevada a truly memorable experience. Special events throughout the year provide lots of reasons to visit.

Nevada Adventures

Cowboy Culture

We are proud of our western heritage, and of the great outdoors that lends itself to this ranching, roping way of life. We're inclined to believe that "purple mountain majesties" was inspired by our snowy peaks.

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Explore Western Culture, Art, History in Elko

Connect to that Western mystique — and test how much of it is true — when you visit Elko, a northeastern Nevada city known for its cowboy and ranching culture. 

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Discover & Do

Goldfield, NV

Gold-mining town founded in 1903.  Sights include the majestic Goldfield hotel, Esmeralda County Courthouse and Santa Fe Saloon built in 1905.

Blue Diamond, NV

The historic Spring Mountain Ranch is located near the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, beneath the colorful cliffs of the magnificent Wilson Range. The many springs in these mountains provided water for Paiute Indians and later brought mountain men and early settlers to the area. Past owners of the ranch included the millionaire Howard Hughes, Chester Lauck of the radio comedy team “Lum & Abner” and German actress Vera Krupp. Scheduled, guided tours through the ranch house and other historic ranch buildings are available throughout the week.

Pyramid Lake
Nixon, NV

One of the largest natural lakes in Nevada is also among its most incredible, with a fascinating history to boot. Pyramid Lake stretches 125,000 acres and is the largest remnant of the ancient Lake Lahontan, an enormous inland sea that once covered most of the Silver State. The intriguing desert lake is a component of the National Scenic Byways Program, and the only byway in the country that is entirely within a tribal reservation. V

Goldfield, NV

Self-guided tour of a collection of turn-of-the-century technology, old mining equipment, and vehicles. Also includes a collection of military equipment from World War II, including aircraft engines, propeller blades and other aircraft parts.

Beatty, NV

The small town of Beatty serves as the gateway to Death Valley National Park, roughly 100 miles north of Las Vegas. The rural community is rich in desert adventure and richer still in historical significance, with the incredibly preserved Ordovician fossils at the nearby Great Beatty Mud Mounds serving as evidence. In more recent history, the town was founded at the turn of the century as the main supply hub of what was known as the “Bullfrog Mining District.” At its peak, three railroads roared through Beatty on their way to the bustling nearby town of Rhyolite.